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The textile industry by no means consists only of clothing. Products made of nonwovens in particular offer an immense range of applications. These include not only hygiene articles such as diapers, sanitary napkins, handkerchiefs or protective masks, but also nonwoven products used for floor wipes or nonwovens required in the construction and trades, e.g. for insulation and painting work.

With this wide range of applications, it is clear that the different textiles used place completely different demands on machine knives. With know-how and experience, we therefore design individualized knives for the textile industry.

Consulting and customized solutions

The first step is to consult with our customers. Together, we determine the necessary parameters based on the requirement profile. Here we determine, for example, the material, coating and cutting edge geometries for our knives for the textile industry. This enables us to produce exactly for the respective specific application and, for example, to reduce the wear of our machine knives when cutting textiles or also to realize certain cutting patterns, should the appearance of the products play a role.

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