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The right knife for every material

Modern society would be unthinkable without precisely cut materials. Whether films and plastics, paper and cardboard, or even foodstuffs and their packaging made of various composites – essential applications in numerous industries can only be carried out with our industrial knives. This applies both to high-tech applications in the pharmaceutical industry and to the design of gummy bear bags: without our products, the distinctive zig-zag on the packaging would not be possible.

On this page we offer you an overview of the materials and applications for which we have the right industrial knives in our range. Thanks to the highest level of manufacturing expertise, we are also happy to meet your individual requirements and develop new customised product variants.

Cuttable types of material

For every application
Aluminum foil
Aluminum belongs to the light and soft metals. This results in special requirements for knives for cutting aluminum foil. That is why we specify appropriate cutting edge geometries and coatings. This is done in close coordination with our customers.
Composites keep food fresh. But they also place the highest demands on knives because of the combination of cardboard packaging and aluminum foil, for example. With experience and know-how, we face these special conditions and design precisely fitting knives for the respective application.
As a material, nonwoven is extremely versatile in its application. The spectrum ranges from use for hygiene products such as diapers, sanitary napkins and handkerchiefs to fibers that are intended to protect during painting work, for example, or that are used as insulating material. As an experienced manufacturer, we are able to develop the right solutions for all these different requirements.
Clean cuts are of utmost importance for the food industry – in two respects. On the one hand, food must be cleanly cut, trimmed or chopped. It is obvious that different requirements apply here.
Paper & Cardboard
Cutting, punching and perforating, to name just three examples, are the most important tasks in the processing of paper and cardboard. The range of applications is correspondingly large, so that we tailor our trade show exactly to the respective need.
Plastic has become an indispensable part of our lives and can be found in numerous products. The cutting process in particular places high demands on industrial knives for plastics. As an experienced manufacturer, we know exactly how to cover the individual conditions in these target markets and ideally design our industrial knives for plastics for the respective applications.
Whether tires or seals – rubber offers numerous application possibilities. They all have one thing in common: cutting must be done with the highest precision. This is where our knives come into play, which ideally meet this major challenge thanks to optimized cutting edge geometry.
Special material
As a flexible manufacturer of special knives, we supply numerous target markets and regularly come into contact with special material or very individual applications. These include cigar leaves or even cured bitumen. Together with our customers, we develop industrial knives that are perfectly matched to the special material in question.
From flower clips to sheet metal to copper pipes, when wire needs to be cut or steel needs to be machined, our industrial knives are an optimal choice.

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