Knife for cutting aluminum foil

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Aluminum belongs to the light and soft metals. This results in special requirements for knives for cutting aluminum foil. The material tends to smear when cut. This means that knives do not glide smoothly through the surface, but the blade moves the finest material residues in front of it, making the cutting result increasingly inaccurate. As an experienced manufacturer, we develop and produce knives for cutting aluminum foil that do not have this problem.

For this purpose, we determine the appropriate cutting edge geometries and coatings. This is done in close coordination with our customers. This results in highly specific special knives tailored to individual conditions, for example when punching out coffee capsules. Or when cutting the finest chocolate, which is previously wrapped in sections of high-quality aluminum – not only when it is in the shape of Easter bunnies and Santa Clauses.

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We adhere exactly to your specifications. For knives that optimally meet your requirements.

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We are guided by the order volume of our customers - and not vice versa.

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High-quality material is the basis for our high quality standards.


Knives for every need: Based on the requirements, we select the optimal coating.

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