Machine knife for cutting food

Our focus

The knife for cutting food does not exist. On the one hand, because the processing and cutting of food is subject to strict hygiene regulations. And on the other hand, because every foodstuff places different demands on the knife. Whether pitting cherries, scraping ice cream into shape, chopping cabbage, grinding grain, cutting rolls or portioning chewing mass – there is a suitable special tool for every job.

Or in other words: From the cherry pestle to the ice scraper, from the grist knife to the circular knife, we develop and produce precisely fitting machine knives for cutting a wide variety of foods. We use special coatings to prevent sticking and meet all hygiene requirements.

Our advantages

For your demands

We adhere exactly to your specifications. For knives that optimally meet your requirements.

Smallest quantities
to large print runs

We are guided by the order volume of our customers - and not vice versa.

highest quality

High-quality material is the basis for our high quality standards.


Knives for every need: Based on the requirements, we select the optimal coating.

Our knife types

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