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Industrial knives and machine knives

Consulting, optimisation and prototyping

The ideal industrial knife and machine knife depends on numerous factors: from the optimum cutting edge geometry to the choice of suitable material. As a manufacturer with many years of experience, we know directly from close cooperation with our customers what is needed. We combine this knowledge with state-of-the-art production methods when designing new knives. We manufacture exactly according to the samples and CAD data of our customers. Moreover we develop further industrial knives and machine knives on request to cover a special application profile.

Thanks to modern processes such as robotics, we also master the balancing act between the production of very small batches and prototypes as well as large series. With our modern logistics, we are also able to store large series for our customers and ship them on demand. In addition, as an established manufacturer of industrial knives and machine knives, we have excellent contacts in the steel industry. This enables us not only to select the best material for our customers, but also to negotiate attractive conditions and avoid supply bottlenecks.


Each application is unique. Therefore the industrial knives and machine knives used must also be unique. As an experienced manufacturer, we are aware of this and initially offer our customers close consultation upon request. We go through all the relevant requirements of the planned knives and develop together strategies to tailor existing knife types to this very specific set of requirements. As a family owned company, we act at eye level and value the fair and good relationships with our customers and suppliers.


After the consultation, the actual design phase begins. Normally we use our customers’ samples and sketches for this and develop them further with our know-how. For this purpose, as a manufacturer, we use modern CAD software to design quickly and efficiently customised industrial knives and machine knives. In this process we bring in our long year experience. To find new ways out of rigid patterns, we also incorporate the knowledge from other projects and industries for new targeted solutions.


As manufacturer of highest quality we first realise our designs in the context of small series and prototypes. By this way, we can test together with our customers in practice whether the newly developed knives meet the requirements or to make further optimisations to reach perfect finishing. Only then we do transfer the CAD data to our series production. As a result, our customers benefit from high-quality products and efficient production processes.

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