Knife service

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As a manufacturer, we refurbish your knives – with the same precision you can expect from our new knives. In this way, you can postpone new investments and achieve an optimised return on investment.

Send us your knives. Before processing, our specialists check the condition and decide on the refurbishability. You will then receive an economical offer from us.

Reconditioned knives from Winterhoff Picard almost reach the performance values of our new knives, because in addition to regrinding and straightening knives, we naturally also carry out recoating and finishing.

We will be of service to you

Your direct contact to Winterhoff Picard
Winterhoff Picard GmbH Wüstenhagener Street 63 42855 Remscheid GERMANY
T: +49 2191 9885-0
F: +49 2191 9885-55