1.5 million investment volume: Winterhoff Picard optimizes its site

  • New office space and facilities
  • Doubled storage space thanks to electronic high-bay warehouse
  • New sanitary facilities and recreation rooms for employees

A commitment to the Remscheid location: The knife specialist Winterhoff Picard has invested 1.5 million euros in its company headquarters in the Wüstenhagen industrial park. The funds were used for a comprehensive rebuild of the existing production hall and the purchase of new equipment. In addition, the 60 employees of the traditional company benefit from modern and particularly appealing social rooms and sanitary facilities. Despite the tense economic situation worldwide, Winterhoff Picard plans to provide further funds for its site in the coming year.

More storage space, new administrative and social rooms, a quality assurance area, and high-quality sanitary facilities – all within the same footprint. To get the most out of the available space at its production site, Winterhoff Picard worked with an experienced architect. “The result is a building within a building,” explains Marc Ohnhäuser, who is managing director at the Remscheid-based company. In order to provide enough space for new offices, an area of the former storage area was separated without further ado. These new offices offer an ideal workplace with bright rooms and attractive furnishings.

More storage capacity in a smaller area

The new electronic high-bay warehouse not only compensates for the loss of storage space, but even doubles storage capacity with a smaller footprint. This also freed up enough space for the new quality assurance. The fully air-conditioned work area is now located in the immediate vicinity of production, which decisively improves numerous work processes. “We want to offer our employees ideal working conditions,” emphasizes Ohnhäuser.

Large social rooms, high quality sanitary facilities

As a sign of appreciation for its employees, Winterhoff Picard has also built new social rooms and sanitary facilities. For the implementation, a second level was specially drawn into the high production facility to open up the previously unused space. After a construction phase lasting around nine months, the new upper floor now offers bright and friendly areas for employees. “Our colleagues do nothing but the best for us every day. That’s why we want to give them the best back at this point,” says Ohnhäuser. The first conclusions drawn by the employees are already very positive.

More staff and new facilities

The company has also invested in new staff to support, among other things, production planning, which is housed in the new offices. In total, Winterhoff Picard has made ten new hires this year to strengthen its team. In addition, the knife specialist has acquired new equipment, including three grinding machines. With modern production conditions, Winterhoff Picard not only lays the foundation for the high product quality so appreciated by customers, but also ensures employee satisfaction.

New investments planned for the coming year “We would like to continue the continuous growth of our company in the coming year,” says Ohnhäuser, setting an ambitious target in contrast to the economic situation on the world market. “To this end, we would also like to invest further funds in 2023 to further optimize our site here in Remscheid.” The focus will once again be on state-of-the-art plant and business equipment as well as skilled personnel and production facilities.